Informatic Tools

Download / Query

LIS Datastore
Browser interface to all of the files in the Legume Information System.
LIS InterMines
LIS InterMines: one mine per genus including genetic data, and an overall LegumeMine with genome annotations. Tools include a powerful query engine.
DSCensor Data Overviews
Overviews of data characteristics at LIS: genome assembly sizes, gene counts, BUSCO coverage, etc.


Gene Search Tool
Search for genes

Sequence search

LIS SequenceServer BLAST
Run BLASTs against LIS genomes, CDSes, and proteins
Funnotate: Annotate Your Sequences
Functional annotation of protein or nucleotide sequences, and placement into gene trees

Visualize / Browse

Genome Context Viewer
Browser for dynamically discovering and viewing genomic synteny across selected species.
Interactive visualization of multiple GWAS and QTL data sets, using synteny to identify potentially conserved association regions between species.
CMap: Genetic Map Viewer
View genetic and comparative maps.
LIS Germplasm GIS Viewer
View GIS location information for legume accessions.
Conekt Comparative Expression
Conekt is a tool for comparative gene expression analysis.
Gene Family Search
Functional keyword search for gene families
GCViT: SNP Comparison Tool
A multiple chromosome visualisation tool for visualizing resequencing or SNP array data