Pisum (Pea)

Pisum is a genus of the family Fabaceae, native to southwest Asia and northeast Africa. It contains one to five species, depending on taxonomic interpretation; the International Legume Database (ILDIS) accepts three species: Pisum abyssinicum, Pisum fulvum, and Pisum sativum. Pisum sativum (the field or garden pea) is a major human food crop.

NCBI taxonomy ID: 3887

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Pisum sativum: pea

Pea is an important grain legume, serving multiple roles: as a dry pulse, a green vegetable (with varieties grown for seeds and for pods), as a green manure and cover crop, and as a forage. Pea was domesticated ~10,000 years ago by Neolithic farmers of the Fertile Crescent, along with cereals and other grain legumes (Kreplak et al., 2019;

NCBI taxonomy ID: 3888

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Pisum sativum accessions

Cameor (France)
The variety Cameor was released by the French breeding company Seminor in 1973.