Gene search

New interface for gene search

We’ve just released a new gene search interface that we hope will provide users with an easy-to-use entry point to many functions of the site, as an alternative to more complex search capabilities available through our InterMine instances. We’ve started with a few of the most relevant fields that we think will be generally useful for query and display, but would love to have your feedback. Note that the results display includes two fields (identifier and location) that support “linkouts” to other pages on the site (report pages, genome browsers, synteny views) where more information about the genes can be obtained; if you’d like to see other links to your favorite locations within the site or on other sites, please let us know. The underlying implementation of this search functionality is quite generic, so it should be relatively easy to provide similar searches for other types of data stored at the site. If you have ideas for similar searches that would be immediately useful for your work, please let us know.