About LIS

The Legume Information System houses genetic and genomic data for legume species, helping to support research and breeding efforts for the many critically important crops in this family.
Citing LIS: Berendzen et al., 2021

Submitting Data

We welcome contributed genetic and genomic data from researchers. Please Contact us if you have any to contribute. Submitting your data will increase its impact, and will provide you and others more ways to explore it.

Types of data housed at LIS include genome assemblies, gene models and sequences, genetic maps, expression data, QTL and GWAS studies, and variant data. The data will be evaluated by LIS curators and incorporated into standardized formats at the Datastore (also represented on the COLLECTIONS page). See examples there, and Datastore specifications here -- but dealing with the curation complexities is our job. We'll be happy to work with you.


We'd love to hear from you!

Contact us via email if you have questions, requests, or anything else we should hear about!