Faidherbia (apple-ring acacia)

Faidherbia is a genus of leguminous plants containing one species, Faidherbia albida, which was formerly widely included in the genus Acacia as Acacia albida. The species is native to Africa and the Middle East and has also been introduced to Pakistan and India. Common names include apple-ring acacia (their circular, indehiscent seed pods resemble apple rings), and winter thorn. The South African name is ana tree.

NCBI taxonomy ID: 138054

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Faidherbia albida: apple-ring acacia

Faidherbia albida, or apple-ring acacia, is a thorny tree growing up 6–30 m (20–98 ft) tall and 2 m (6.6 ft) in trunk diameter. Its deep-penetrating tap root makes it highly resistant to drought. The bark is grey, and fissured when old. There are 11,000 seeds/kg.

NCBI taxonomy ID: 138055

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Faidherbia albida accessions

WAFC (World AgroForestry Center, Kenya)
Faidherbia albida WAFC was sequenced and reported in Chang, et al. DOI:10.1093/gigascience/giy152
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