Cicer arietinum transcriptome assembly - v2

Cicer arietinum (chickpea) transcript assemblies.

At a zoom level > 2 Mbp, a heat map showing transcript density will be displayed.
Select "Show 2 Mbp" or less in the "Zoom" drop down menu for a more detailed view that shows each aligned sequence.

Figure legend:

  • Red: There was at least one additional reported alignment. Click "Show all locations" to find all alignments for this sequence.
  • Green: There were no other reported alignments.

Aligned with GMAP version 2014-05-30 using call: gmap --db=Lj2.5_pseudomol --min-intronlength=11 ----totallength=100000 --cross-species --nthreads=10 --format=gff3_match_est --prunelevel=3 and filtered with 50% identity and 50% coverage cutoffs. If this resulted in more than 12 matches for a given sequence, the sequence was considered repetitive, and all matches were scarded.